The Queensland Division has a variety of published materials available including educational books on the geology of various areas around Queensland.


The GSA-Qld produces a variety of printed material for sale including books on the geology of much of our state brought out as the Rocks & Landscapes series. Some of the more recent releases are highlighted below. Also available for sale are books from excursions and conferences that have been hosted by our Society in the past.

If you would like to see what books are available, and how to purchase them, click here to see a pdf of the Catalogue and Order Form.



As well as the books above, the GSA also produces a number of short pamphlets on areas not covered in our district books, as well as various geological features of interest. These can be downloaded for free from our Rocks & Landscapes Notes page.

For special events such as Science Week or the Brisbane Exhibition, the GSA-Qld in partnership with the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) also has a series of educational pamphlets and posters which can be downloaded from this page.



Over the years the GSA-Qld has hosted many Field Trips which came with a printed Field Guide. Many of these Guides are now out-of-print. However, copies of most of the Field Guides have been located, scanned an can now be dowloaded for free from the Field Guides page.



The Queensland Field Geology Guide published by Neville Stevens in 1984 was a very popular book. Despite its age the GSA-Qld still receive requests for copies of this book. Unfortunately it has been out-of-print for quite a while. However, now a pdf of this book can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following link. Queensland Field Geology Guide (58 Mbytes)





The GSA is now selling on consignment two small booklets on mining history compiled by one of our members, Ken Grubb. These are:


Silver Hill -the University of Queensland Silver Mine Precinct (at Indooroopilly) - $10 plus $3.50 post and pack.


Coal Castle and Choirs (coal mining history of Blackstone, Ipswich) - $5.00 plus $3.50 post and pack..


These provide fascinating little known details on these areas.


The Queensland Museum has brought out a book called In Search of Ancient Queensland. This book is beautifully illustrated with pictures of landscapes and amazing fossils. Anybody who is a fan of the GSA-Qld Rocks and Landscapes books would find this book a great addition to their library. Further details on this book and how to purchase it can be found in this pdf.

These three books by Warwick Willmott brilliantly describe the geology of most of Queensland's National Parks. Each book is in colour and over 160 pages long. Each book costs $20 + $5.50 post and pack. See the above link for catalogue and order form.


The Wet Tropics book explains how this region has formed over many millions of years, and the results of this geological history. It describes the relatively young volcanic activity on the Atherton Tableland, how the landscapes and scenery have developed, and how and where mineral deposits formed. It includes chapters on the development and habitats of the Great Barrier Reef, the regions soil types and erosion potential, and its water resources. The authors are from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of James Cook University in Townsville and Cairns, and are distinguished in their respective fields. This book costs $11 + $3.50 post and pack. See the above link for catalogue and order form.




The 2nd Edition of the Rocks & Landscapes of Brisbane and Ipswich was released in 2012. It is in full colour but it still only $11.00 + $3.50 p/h.

The Sunshine Coast booklet has been totally revamped, expanded to include the Gympie area, and re-released as a Second Edition.

The Gold Coast booklet has just been re-released at the start of 2012 and is the 3rd Edition of this volume. It has been totally revamped and expanded.

All three of these books can be purchased for $11 + $3.50 post and pack. See the above link for the pdf of the Catalogue and Order forms.  Back to the main page